Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Number 6.

All day I did lines!!! Normally I don't like to do that many lines and usually I mostly do traditional stuff that is made of one pass lines but this little lady demanded more lines and the kind that needed to be build!! But since I have been thinking a lot about stupid crap ass wannabe tattooers and scratcher lately then it kinda inspired me to do that many build lines. When I look at those stupid, no talented idiots and their crooked lines it makes me wanna work even more on making my lines better just to separate myself from them even more!! Anyway! This is the result of a day of lines. A gypsy Laaaaady with a squirrel on her shoulder (don't ask...i don't know).

On other news today:

We are dog-sitting for our friends who are going to Germany for a week. Lucifer is happy because it is one of his bestest friends Palma! So for a week we will have 2 dogs! Exciting news, Huh???

King Of The Castle, Prince Of (bloody) darkness,
Son Of The Morning, Baby Mus:

The Best buddy, Kinda Girlfriend, Neighbor,
The One And Only:


Flora Amalie said...

Hihi, du er sjov!

Og også dygtig, både til streger og hundefotos!!

igl said...

why is it always raining on you ???