Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black (X)-Mass

Finally!! I found the time to add the brand new tshirts to the Conspiracy Inc. Webshop. 
There is two different designs, both printed on white and black shirts. Perfect for worshipping Satan and listening to sweet sweet evil tunes... or doing the dishes...what ever. But I was luck to catch Kinga in the middle of some evil satanic ritual, while wearing the new shirts, so I quickly shot some pictures of the mystic seance to present these new items. These shirts are printed by my friend Marco from The Secret under his printing brand Perpetual Lab. There will be some more collaboration between us in a near future.
So hurry over to The Conspiracy Shop and order some new shirts before we run out again. I will do my best to ship them out every other day so that they might make it in time to be under a tree on the 24th... but I obviously can't promise anything since I don't have any power over the post offices... yet! 

There is also still a few Gorgoroth prints and the Morningstar print left at the webshop so go go go!! Go shop!!

More news soon!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Here I am again. Still not enough internet time to blog. But I feel that I better tease you guys a bit about the upcoming artshow at Dodo Beach Records on the 29th of November. I have had a few nice late night painting sessions with my iPod, some japanese beers and some japanese whiskey while painting for the show. Should have a bunch of new stuff to show so please come say hi. There should be a chance to buy a few of them too and maybe a shirt or two... do I have to mention that x-mas is coming up??

So before returning to editing photos for a future post and before getting back into painting, here is a tease of what I have been working on.

I will try to post some more soon and also some Japan photos!
Until then...

Mata ne!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ink Rats

I know, I know... now I'm just spoiling you with posts! I was gonna wait a bit with this post but why bother... Something might come up and then, no post. So here is the second post in one day. 

These tattys are from the first days here at InkRat Tattoo in Tokyo. Did a few more but there has to be something for later too. 

I do have a few more open spots from the 9th of November till I go back on the 20th...19th being the last work day. So if your interested in getting something done send me an email at or directly to Hata who books for me at

I'll try to post again before too long... TRY!!

Mata neeeeee

Konnichiwa mother bitches

I finally made it! I found some time (and internet) to post a post here on the blog. It had been hectic since the London convention and till I left for Japan. Even working saturdays... blog day... so sorry for slacking. I thought that once I got to Japan I would have some time to blog but it turned out that the internet I have in my apartment...well it doesn't want to work so I only have internet when I'm at Ink Rat Tattoo. I guess it isn't the worst thing. At least I won't get tempted to sit and surf por...I mean news all night...hmrrhmrrr....

Being back in Tokyo is AMAZING!!!! Love being back. I had a bit of a late start with an unplanned day in Helsinki due to some malfunction on our plane. So they had to fly in a new plane from Tokyo. Not part of my plan. So it was straight to work the day after I landed and then onward for a couple of days. I have finally managed to get a few days off here and there now and I got to hang out with my good friend Mattias. Always nice to see him and hang and talk shit and camera and metal stuff. Good times. And no hang without a trip to Nakano and our favorite camera shop. But we had to take a little trip to a few other ones in shinjuku after that. Ended up having (mostly) beer and dinner on the 44th floor with a view over Tokyo. Yeah!!! Not bad!
I think I have gained a few extra kilos already due to all my favorite fried food and other Japanese deliciousness.. oh well!!
I'll try to tell more about Japan later when I have some pictures to show. 

For now I guess I better show some tattoos before you loose interest in this post but please scroll down to the text in the end. Some info about merch and an artshow!!!!

But first tattooooooos!!!!

These last 3 pictures are on the same Viking who came to get 3 tattoos in 3 days. Good job buddy!


First merch.  My good friend Marco is currently working on printing some more tshirts for me that will be ready to sell and ship in time to be found under xmas trees everywhere. There will be two designs to choose from and both designs both on black and white shirts. Maybe I'll try to make a hoodie designs ready too for the cold times ahead. So keep an eye on this blog for details soon.

On the 29th of November I'll have a show of some of my work at my favorite vinyl pusher, DODO BEACH RECORDS. It will be a bit of everything that I do. Photos, paintings, drawings etc. but all with some reference to music. 
I would love to see you there so drop by and check it out and have a beer with me. If you can't make it then tell your friends to go. Press this link for DODO's Facebook.

I hope to be back soon!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

London Town

One day late... But still here. 
The London tattoo convention is coming up and as always I will be doing walk-ups only... And as always from premade flash. To those of you who don't know what that mean here is how it will work. 
There will be no appointment. Just drop by my booth and who ever is ready when I am will be next. So drop by and see if there is anything you like and when there will be an opening coming up. 
To peek your interest here is a little snark peak of some of the designs that will be available.

There is still a bunch of the Pinups and evil stuff from previous flash. I top of that there will be a few originals for sale that also will be available as tattoos. I am trying  to make a limited run of prints of one very requested painting so drop by and see which one it is. 
Speaking of limited runs... 
My friend Marco was amazing enough to make a last minute run of shirts for me. They will hopefully reach my Friday morning before the convention. Since it is a last minute order there will only be a few numbers of shirt available. There will be a black shirt with grey print and white shirt with black print. 
Here is a little peak of the screen. 

There will obviously not be any blog post next Saturday since I will be busy tattooing at the convention and waving awkwardly to people and selling merch but I might try to sneak in another post if I find more to show before the convention. If you are in London then drop by and say hi! 

Hope to see you there. 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let Me Make It Up To You...

Those few of you who do follow this here blog might noticed last saturday that something was missing. Did your life feel empty and without meaning from the lack of blog post on this here blog? No? Well, I am sorry to hear that. I did however feel guilty for slacking on my blog duties since I had been doing so well for a while. To make it up to you I post two posts this week!! I know, I know... I spoil you! Not only that but I will also be blogging on my photo blog after this here has gone on the air!! Woooooooo!!! So head over to and see more from my recent Hamburg trip.
But first some tattoos. I know it has been a while... sorry

Can't go wrong with roses.

... Or an eagle.

Kidney tattoo.

I also recently did these two small small paintings for a charity auction/group show. Here is some info from the invite:

"Things&Ink Magazine and Atomica Gallery are collaborating for a second time to present an exhibition of new and original artwork in The Flash Show. 

We are handpicking over 100 of the most talented tattoo artists from across the globe to donate a small postcard size flash drawing/painting to the exhibition, and we would like you to take part. The exhibition will run from 24th September to 15th October 2014 at Atomica Gallery in London.

Each work will be for sale at an affordable set price and all profits will be donated to the unique cancer charity, Sarcoma UK. Sarcomas are rare cancers that develop in the muscle, bone, nerves, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and the fatty and fibrous tissues, and can affect almost any part of the body. There are more than 13,000 people living with the disease in the UK alone. The charity is run by a small and passionate team, some of whom have been personally affected by the disease."

So please go and support them by buying a small painting or two.

Now I will post some photos on the other blog and then it is time to go paint some more flash for the upcoming London Convention. Remember that I won't be taking appointments but only walk-ups from pre made designs. So just drop by and see if there is anything you like and if there is time. 

See you soon.

Vater Und Sohn

A couple of weeks ago, Kinga and I went to Hamburg to see friends and to go to my friend Sascha's shop, (re)opening party. He has, together with two other great guys, made a name for them selves with this shop, that offers everything you need to be a well groomed urban lumberjack. Everything from moonshine, beard wash, hand made knives and pens to fancy Japanese denim and hand made leather boots. All a true son of Mumford desires. 
They had moved a few stores down, from their previous location, to this spacious beautiful corner shop. 
Congratulations guys.    
If you are in Hamburg go see their fancy... I mean manly shop, 

My good friend and co owner of Vater Und Sohn, 
Sascha Kampmeyer.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm going hungry

Hey Ya'll! 
I'm sorry to say that this weeks blog post won't be all the exciting. But hey... At least I'm still here and that is something, right? 
Saturday is the new blog day but I also had to do my actual job today, tattooing, and it ended up taking a bit longer to draw than I had imagined. But that's how it goes sometimes. Unfortunately that just means that I don't have time to prepare a fancy post for you guys this week either. Ohhh well... Hopefully next week then.

There is a little bit of news this week. 
On the9th of November, there will be an opening party for a small artshow I will be doing at my local vinyl pusher, Dodo Records. I will post more about this at a later time but if anyone should be interested, then put it in your calendar and come have a beer with me and look at some of the stuff that I have done and maybe buy a record or two.

More info later.

Ok kids... see you next time... I need a burger in my belly now.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Down Here On The Reeperbahn

Hello my dear blog followers! I'm sorry that this weeks blogpost will be another short post from my iPhone. You see, I'm in Hamburg to visit some friends and go to the opening party of the new Vater & Sohn shop. Such a beautiful shop with everything you need for you sons of Mumford and everyone who is into urban camping. Fancy handmade knives. Mushroom calendars. Awesome Japanese denim and moonshine in glass jar. I'll post something later. 
For this post I had to reuse some Instagram shots. I started these flash with girl faces and I already got to do two of them. It's good for you people who don't know excatly what to get. You can't go wrong with a girl face and since not everybody is into satan or naked chicks then I figured I better make something more neutral. Still working on some more pages. Maybe for London?
But now it is time to get some delicious cake made by my friend Anki. So see you later people. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Swear There Is An Owl Hiding In That Rose!

Here we are again. I don't feel that I have much to say this week. Well there is a lot on my mind but nothing I want to bother you guys with... If there still is someone here reading this ol' thing?

But the blog is still alive and hopeful there will be more stuff to tell and share soon enough. I do have a few adventures in the horizon so please do come back.

Just to throw in a bit of practical info:
I will be working at the London convention again this year. Really looking forward to it, as always. 
Like the last previous years, I will only be doing walk-ups from pre made designs and flash and line drawings. Who ever comes first or is ready, when I am, gets tattooed. No pre bookings, just drop by and see what is going on. I'll post more soon about this and maybe with a tease of what to choose from. 

So stay tuned. Come back again.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Last Saturday was kind of a last minute blogging since I finished working really late, but I still wanted to post something since I made this new rule for myself, to make Saturday a blogging day. So here is some better photos of what went down that weekend. Sarah and James came from Hamburg to get a touch up on James' backpiece (didn't happen) and Sarah wanted a little something to show her love for coffee. And who doesn't loooooove coffee so I was obviously excited about her idea. Since it was James' birthday weekend I promised that I would do a "small" filler on his chest. The open spot had been bugging him for ages so who was I to deny him a birthday wish? Roses were done and everybody was happy! It did mean that I finished working on him at 11 that night but we still managed to find a place (my beloved schnitzel place) that wanted to make us food at midnight. After that we went to get a few birthday drinks at a local cocktail bar. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Did you notice... Second post this saturday?

Tattoos In The Big Apple

Happy Saturday people!

This post is from my trip to New York in June where I had the pleasure of working alongside some great people and artists at Red Rocket Tattoo. I miss them all already and I hope I will be able to work a bit longer on my next trip to New York. But this trip was supposed to be as much relaxation as work so therefor only a few tattoos to show. I did a few more than these ones but they are being saved for a later project so this is what you get for now.

If you wanna see a few photos from my trip then go to my photoblog HERE.

In case anyone still reads this blog then I would like to say that I have time for one shots next week, Monday the 11th, wednesday the 13th - friday the 15th.
If you don't know what to get then I have a bunch of new girl faces ready to tattoo. I'll post some on my instagram soon. 
So if you're interested then email me at
There is also a few more dates here and there open in september so let me know if you wanna fill those gaps.
And once again...
The waiting list is dead and I am only booking two months at the time.

Have a nice weekend everybody!