Monday, June 2, 2008

Malle på trappen!!

We shot these pictures in the hallway of our appartment just before we went to the states. I havn't had time to select any of them myself so this is the ones that Amalie picked out. But since we are in California now I most likely won't have time to work with my pictures for a while so here is Amalies to start with. So if you really like them then look forward to more later!

flash so I It was fun playing with my new toys, my canon 10-20mm and the new flash and the wire for thecould move the flash around! Good times! Fun times in the middle of the night with Amalies new mushroom do, nice new shoes from Japan and her old bathingsuit. Good thing the neighbors didn't pop out!


cammy said...

she's sooo pretty!

Helle said...

Hun er lidt (meget) af en snack hende din kone! Holy moly!