Thursday, December 11, 2008

Congratulations...It's a Russian!

Santa came early this shape of a delivery man, but still.
With him he brought me a biiig box of Lomo goodness!!! Ok ok maybe, just maybe, it wasn't Santa...I might have bought it myself but they had an offer that I couldn't resist!!! Sorry honey!!
Well in this big box of Lomolisious goodies there was, among other treats, my new addition to my growing family of cameras:
The Lomo LC-A+

This little russian treat was made in the early 80's and is originally a copy of a Japanese camera. The Russians wanted to make a small camera that was as good as the Japanese but cheaper! Now I guess it is more popular than ever.
After many failures with my 35mm Holga I decided to give this one a try...Hope it won't let me down. But with it's many fancy functions it should be easier to get a result and not just roll after roll of nothing on it! I guess I didn't have the temper to work with the demanding Holga. But this little lady has the modern technology to take great pictures without too much thinking and that is what I like about this type of camera. Now I just have to shoot away and wait till I can get my rolls of film back from development!

Back to the box!
besides the beaut that by the way came in the nice wooden box with a book of tricks and a little book of other cool Lomo pictures, was a wideangle lens, a release cable (so expect a bunch of self portraits), two rolls of film, and the BIG book of LC-A+. The history of the camera and tons of cool picture and funny drawings. mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Can't wait to play with my new friend!!!

Mmmm...all the Lomo-goodness in all it's glory.

Lucifer has gotten an addiction to tearing giftwrap paper after now 11 days of playing with the leftovers from Amalies present calender. He takes the paper and runs with it and tears it to bit and pieces. So while I was exited about my new box of goodies he came and took the leftover Lomo paper. But it can be draining to tear all that paper apart.

Lucifer enjoyed the Lomo-ness aswell.


CoreyGirl said...

awwww he looks so pooped!

must be fun finding bits of paper all over the house!

Anonymous said...

sweet find russian camera

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the result! Maybe over the weekend!?!

Good luck :-)

Uncle Allan said...

I'm think it will be a bit longer before we see any results. With the lack of photolabs due to the digital age I will have to wait a week to get my prints. All the good places are seriously sending the film to Germany these days. Insane! So be patient and I will try the same!!!