Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lamb of "god"?

Back from 2 weeks of vacation where we spend a lot of the last week being sick. Of well! We are back!

This is what I was working on while being in a nice sunny summer vacation house near forrest and beach! This will be mad as a print on some niiiiiice paper!! It will be awesome and also very limited!! So far I am thinking 50 hand numbered and hand signed. This will be sold for the first time on the London convention in September and the rest will be sold at the shop or here through Paypal. More info when I get to it! But here she is! In all her evilness!!!


eroc said...

whoa, that's crazy.
is that all paint, or a little pencil mixed in?
if any are left after london, i'll try to scoop one up.

samboy said...

shes amazing! hope theres enough for me to have one in london!x

Marcus said...

Wow! That is super nice!

Just don´t sell them all in London so I can drop by the shop and pick one up!

Anonymous said...




So purrty !!

Can I have one ?? You know ... For the collection !

Hey I'm back ! I made it !! Beat the pirates at their own game ! Ha ! See ya in 2 weeks brosky brosef !!

klaus said...

you better save me one!

Anonymous said...

Finally after 2 years of searching for the right model for my back i find her ,,,she is beautifull and is exactly what i was imagining.. seems just like was created for me!Thanks for such a great creation!With all respect!