Monday, February 22, 2010

Pit Of Doom!

I have found myself with a few minutes of energy and time to Blog. No new pictures or anything but here is a picture of the pit of Doom where we are supposed to have a front room. We are still debating whether or not to keep it like this but with a small bridge from the door to the a few sharks with laserbeams and we are rocking. "hi, can I get a tribal armband with a kanji in the...ARRRGGGGG" BZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!!!

Even though we wont have a front room for a couple of weeks we are still getting closer to an awesome shop. We will start moving and finish stuff from this Thursday to Sunday...We gotta be ready for working monday morning so we got to get our busy hats on and get this moving/fixing-up party started!! Yeah!!! If you find yourself wearing said hat this weekend in Copenhagen then feel free to come join us on Schleppegrellsgade 7, 2200 Copenhagen N. There will most likely be a cleaning party and moving boxes and crap party but, hey, if you ain't got nothing better to do, Right?

Amalie and our friend Corey and her friend Sara and I went to this HUGE flea marked yesterday where I found a bunch of the things that I have been thinking about putting on the walls for like forever but the old shop just didn't seem right for this stuff so I was happy to finally be able to do it. I have decided to start colloecting the following:

Old cool keys and locks...specially the more ornamenty kind.

Antlers... You know I loves me some antlers!!

Skulls... well duuuh!!

Big old scissors.

Cool old crosses and rosaries.

I promise that there will be plenty of pictures of this as soon as we get the new shop ready for picture taking!!

I also added a few cool frames to my ever growing collection of frames. Now I just need tp produce stuff won't I?

We got some cool lamps to.

I can't wait to make this shop of cool/mystery overload!!

We also finally got or trip to Japan planed out.
We will be in Tokyo from the 3rd of April to the 3rd of May...mmmmmm...just in time for cherry blossom goodness!! Of cause I will be back with our good friends at Inkrat tattoo. If you wish to book an appointment for a tattoo then please contact Hata at Inkrat.

So that was a bit more update than I have been able to give for a while...I will do my best to keep it up!

See you soon!


Joseph said...

Dude, wtf was wrong with it ? looks like you ripped out a perfectly nice friendly floor just for fun :^)

I totally vote for sharks


Let me know if you need a hook up for the sharks ... Or even the laser beam for that mater !!! I have very resourceful neighbours !!

Oh and don't forget to come visit good old me in the best place in the world !!!!

Later-o amigo !

Anonymous said...

uauuuu. visits to Japan. across the world.
some forecast for visits to Brazil? hhahaha

I followed the journey of the new store, I am already curious to see how this looks.
a great weekend

See you soon!