Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zoo For Sale

As promised here is a post with the painting for sale and the measurements. But first...a few tattoos.

This first little 2 headed eagle was simply glowing too much when we first finished it so I was happy to be able to get a healed shot of it today. Still a bit touch up to come but good enough for now.

Second guest was James who came back to get on with his backpiece after a looooong time. "Backpiece you say, Allan. But that is a leg?" Yes but we decided to move on a bit and start on one of the legs that goes with said backpiece. It was a bit tricky since I had two find the 2 year old drawings to match waves and flowers but it will work! Good job on that James.

And now for the paintings!

These are the original paintings that I will be selling until next Wednesday. After that I might just keep them and also we will be leaving for Japan so in order to ship them out before the last day will be Wednesday the 31st of march.
I am happy to say that one of them is already sold. The rooster is going to the Uk in a days time. Thanks!!!
This part of the post will be updated as they go so you will know what is left.

So here they are.

50 x 39 cm / 19,6 x 15,3 inch
4500 dkr / 600 € / 800$

31 x 41 cm / 12,2 x 16,1 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

52 x 36,5 cm / 20,4 x 14,3 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

43 x 30,5 cm / 16,9 x 12 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

Unicorn Pegasus.
43 x 30,5 cm / 16,9 x 12 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

41 x 31 cm / 16,1 x 12,2 inch

As a little extra treat I'm gonna throw in a print of the painting that you buy.
To buy one (or two) write me an email on
Payment will be through paypal.


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