Saturday, August 23, 2014

Down Here On The Reeperbahn

Hello my dear blog followers! I'm sorry that this weeks blogpost will be another short post from my iPhone. You see, I'm in Hamburg to visit some friends and go to the opening party of the new Vater & Sohn shop. Such a beautiful shop with everything you need for you sons of Mumford and everyone who is into urban camping. Fancy handmade knives. Mushroom calendars. Awesome Japanese denim and moonshine in glass jar. I'll post something later. 
For this post I had to reuse some Instagram shots. I started these flash with girl faces and I already got to do two of them. It's good for you people who don't know excatly what to get. You can't go wrong with a girl face and since not everybody is into satan or naked chicks then I figured I better make something more neutral. Still working on some more pages. Maybe for London?
But now it is time to get some delicious cake made by my friend Anki. So see you later people. 

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