Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vater Und Sohn

A couple of weeks ago, Kinga and I went to Hamburg to see friends and to go to my friend Sascha's shop, (re)opening party. He has, together with two other great guys, made a name for them selves with this shop, that offers everything you need to be a well groomed urban lumberjack. Everything from moonshine, beard wash, hand made knives and pens to fancy Japanese denim and hand made leather boots. All a true son of Mumford desires. 
They had moved a few stores down, from their previous location, to this spacious beautiful corner shop. 
Congratulations guys.    
If you are in Hamburg go see their fancy... I mean manly shop, 

My good friend and co owner of Vater Und Sohn, 
Sascha Kampmeyer.

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