Thursday, July 17, 2008

Customers of the month!

Word on the street is that if you bribe me, you will get an appointment faster!! I only have one thing to say about rumours like this: It is absolutely true!! Both Gun and Simon had gotten that memo so they both brought home made cake for their appointments today!! Super deluxe cake day and usually cake day is on Fridays. But not today! No sir!! Double up on the cake!!! Delish!!!

First came gun with his home made brownies!! Yummi! We got to start some colouring on his snake/skull/roses/heart tattoo! Due to lack of time and pain after almost 5 hours of torture we didn't finish it yet...but soon!

After Him came Simon with his home made apple pie with cinnamon! Classic!!!

We had to do a little bit of touch up here and there on his Buddha dude. This picture is pre touch up so i will post new and better pictures later on! But here it is as it looked earlier today!

These guys takes the price for customers of the month for their effort of making mouth watering cake for us to get an appointment!! Good job guys!!

Just to end the super cake day perfectly, my wifes friend Helle came by our place to hng out and guess who brought cake?? That's right! Once...twice...three tiiiiiimes a cake day!! Yes sir!!!


Flora Amalie said...

Åh, og hvilke kager de er...
brownie, æble og chokolade/kaffe...
Der er alle tre mine nye bedste venner!

Thorofasius said...

Love the Buddha tattoo!!!

To me cake is tattoo food. When doing my right arm we had fudge brownies during every session.


I hate you !! No really !!!! Tomorrow I will take my vengeance upon you and go have an incredibly gross amount of true , delicious , original Oreo and fudge chocolate cheese cake !! Hah ! Pictures to come !!! Then we see who's the last one to laughs ! Hah !