Saturday, July 26, 2008

Foooo shizzle Dan-nizzle!

I havn't had too much time or energy to blog lately! I have been wanting to but too many things going on! But now it's time!

For the last week our friend Dan Sinnes have been here working and hanging out with us! Great guy and great tattooer with a strange obsession with vaginas and penises...go see his work and you will see. Awesome stuff!

Then our good friend Sascha decided to Drop by!! Awesome surprise!!! We havn't seen him since new year and we have been sooooo busy with both our lives that we havn't talked enough either so when he told us that he was gonna come for a couple of days we were STOKED! That's right! Stoked! Doesn't throw that word around that often but that is how we felt! Stoked!! Syked even!! Good times were had! Many laughs! Good catching up and of cause some Guitar Hero Action!! Hell Yeah!!!!

We even got him hooked on the blog thing so he started his own!! hi hi!! The power of the bloooooog!

While he was here he started a sick tat with the Daaaaaan! A sweet liger right on da ribzies!!

No trooper title were given that day (min 6 hours of tattooing) since none of our customers that day lasted longer than one and a half hour!! More time to hang out so it was ok!

Then the other day our "neighbor" tattooers Judd and Marija came by to say hi on their day of. Marija decided to get a nice little horsie on here foot since Dan was in the hood!

Have you always wanted to know what a Luxembourger look like when he makes the sound of a horse? Well here it is then:

...and if your were wondering what a Geisha doll with a parrot head would look like...well then here is the answer to that too:


Matt Volatile said...

I saw the glasses and immediately thought you'd grown a moustache, Allan! Maybe you should! Heh.


Awesome !! Hope all the fun you're having is quickly replaced by pain and despair when you remember the fact that I'm not there !!!! Say hi to your crazy friends for me ! Later skater !

igl said...

dan is looking like chuck norris with that beard! high five 2 em !!!

Wolf189 Photography said...

These blogs are fun!

I enjoyed them very much.