Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bella Bella Bella!

Today has been a good day! My customer today had to cancel (not so good) but that ment that we could run home and do stuff! I have been drawing and painting all day and finally got started on a painting that I have been working on for a while. More of that later.

But then!! The mail (actually a package dude) man came...really late and with him he had my Bella books. What is that? you might say...well if you havn't checked the link then I can tell you that it is a book projekt that I had the honor to be involved in. The theme of the book is women, hence the name, and it is a bunch of great tattoo artist who each have done a piece for the book. My contribution was one of my Antler Ladies. That's right so there is a way to get one! Buy the book!!
That can be done on This site. It really is an awesome book and I am really happy to be in it so hurry up and buy a copy!


Anonymous said...

thanks but do u know of any american sites that carry the book?

Uncle Allan said...

The site that you get to if you press "THIS" which is marked then you will get to the site that sells it...that is an American site.

Corey said...

I was just looking at that book last night at the wrap up party for the Calgary tattoo convention!!

Helle said...

Tillykke med bogen! Hvor cool!!! Og tillykke med din fine nye og meget unikke tattoo på lårbassen! Og med bryllupsdagen! Og med den ligeså fine du har lavet på din wifey til gengæld! I er så badss og alligevel røv romantiske!! I love it!!!Hold da op en masse tillykker, he he!!

Wolf189 Photography said...


That looks great!



princessinferno said...

Fiiiin bog, alle skulle tage og købe den!!

igl said...

f****n awsome painting buddy !!!
i realy lovin it !!!