Friday, April 17, 2009

10-20 vision

We went to Shinjuku the other night. We do that so often but this time we had Hata and Rei with us and our destination was one of our favorite restaurants, Tiki Tiki...I think you can guest what kind of restaurant that is.
I decided to try out the 10-20 mm Sigma lens on my new Canon 5D II. It is crazy how much more picture you get with this camera. Since I am not used to shoot with a full frame camera this is a new world for me. Anyway. Here is a few ones from the cap ride.


Hella J said...

Det sidste billede er super flot!! Plakat potentiale lige dér!

Anonymous said...

the 10-20 worked on a full frame body?!

Uncle Allan said...

Tak Helle! Ja er nu mest til de to første men kan nu også meget godt li effekten på den første.

Yes Tom as you can see it works well. On 10mm it becomes more fisheye-ish with no corners as you can see on the last one. But yes it works