Friday, April 17, 2009

This little Viking owl got started last time we were here and after 3 hours of colors it is now done. It pictures how, in the old days, the viking owls used to hide inside roses and then shoot out lightnings from their claws when the enemy comes to close. Great camoflage skills, those viking owls. One of the many questions I get asked alot, frequently even, is: "how do you know so much about these desings of yours?", and the answer is simple. I read it in books filled with FACTS! That's how.

I could tell you the real meaning behind these next two tattoos but I would have to kill you and I don't have to to go around and find you all so you will just have to guess.

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princessinferno said...

Ok, har meningen noget med en bisp eller noget gips at gøre?
Det er mit gæt!

Ps. Nu kom jeg vel ikke for tæt på at afslø... aaaarrrhhhhglp...