Saturday, May 8, 2010

Damn good coffee

Here is second half of the posts dedicated to the sweet sweet juice of life, Coffee!!

One of the few good things about being back home in Denmark is getting really really good coffee again! What's even better is that our Java pushers (aka Sort Kaffe & Vinyl) has changed their opening hours so now we can get coffee later than usual! Awesome! Thank you guys!! Really!!
Here is some more shots of what we have when we are in Japan.

When it's hot, Coffee is cold.

Well...sometimes anyway.

A small selection of Boss goodies. Red sign for hot, blue for cold.

Hot Boss on can!

Local Jazz cafe.

A different brand.


Hella J said...

Mmm kaffe! Jeg har lige givet Michael en espressomaskine i dag. Yum!

Evan said...

I am going to Japan in a month. Soo happy to know I will be well informed when it comes to my keeping caffeinated.

Uncle Allan said...

Godt træk Helle!

Evan, Have a great trip. Plenty of coffee but not always really good coffee...but you learn to love it anyway.