Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't cry over burnt milk.

Yesterday was Lucifers 6 years birthday. That happened to be on a day off and on a sunny day too! Awesome! Coffee was had in the sun. A lot of walks. Burgers were eaten including a small burger for lucifer. Movies was watched. Strange sodas was had. A good day.

Now it is "real" monday...that means tuesday and back to real life. At least I have some fun tattooes to do.

Here is what I did friday.

"Catch the milk" ...His band.



Happy birthday Lucifer !!! Let him know he has a distant cousin living in Hong Kong ! Just spotted him today !! Just as shaky , just as mini !!

chibi said...

nice tattoo-- and burgers and coffee in the sun sounds nice... man i wish i could have such mondays too... rainy here in tokyo :(

Sam said...

Aww happy birthday little man!

give him a birthday hug from me! :)

Uncle Allan said...

Lucifer says thanks to ya'll.
It was an amazing burger!!
Nick, It might have looked like Lucifer but it wasn't even close. But Lucifer is so awesome that some people in China have tried to make cheap copies of him.

Chibi, It might be raining but I still miss my Tokyo.


RxKxBx said...

Hi Brother. This will put a damper of your metal life...Ronny James Dio passed away yesterday. Life sucks.....