Friday, July 2, 2010

A day at the beach

The one day we decided to use our day of to go to the beach the weather decided to be cold and grey...well for California standard, but still. Not warm enough to go swimming. We walked around for a while anyway. You can go back in time and see what my wife had to say about that day on her blog...right HERE


Anonymous said...

To make it simple, the list will be shorter : What is not forbidden ? :)

chibi said...

beaaaaach ;( oh how i envy you! even if the weather sucked ... i love walking around and playing near the waves
btw is that woman in the photos your wife? i love her style, especially her cardigan/jacket :D

Uncle Allan said...

Chibi, yep that's the wife. It was a fun day but still kinda sucky beeing at the beach in California and beeing cold. But still a good day.