Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mel and The Klaus

Looking through the next pictures to post from the last trip to California I realized that this post would have to be about two of my favourite people, Amalie (Mel, among friends in California) and my evil twin Klaus. I guess we were on our way to the Queen Mary this day. More photos from that later.


Flora Amalie said...

"Two of..."?
Jeg troede vi var dine absolut favoritter!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos as always :)

do you still have a free seat for an appointment (saturday) at the tattoo convention in london?

adam hays is going to finish my upperarm on friday..but i will still be in london on saturday

please let me know
thanks a lot
greets from luxembourg


-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Good shit brother A. Laying low on the canon front at the moment...but I will be back when all the elements fall in place...with a vengeance...he who waits.....!

Take 'er easy man!!


Ole Kirk said...

I miss the good old days when I could check this blog and see some new tattoos. Don't work so hard, Big Guy.