Monday, August 23, 2010

Not excatly rocket sience...

... but that doesn't mean that we can't tattoo people who work for Nasa designing their fancy moooon stuff. More about that day later. I think Amalie has something lined up for later.

First Tattoo (tattoos?)

Our Polish/irish friends came by and brought cake and everything. Good times. Satanic fox and fancy devil Lady! Awesome!!

This guy is an old customer of mine. Waaaaay back. Now he came back and got himself a nice little Bier mädchen. He is from Germany after all and does like big boobs and bier and who am I to refuse him that!

Did these two pieces a earlier this year. Just never got a picture of them.

I have been waiting almost 2 hours for my old Iphone to get updated so I can change it to my new iphone 4 and start playing with it. Well I guess that will be tomorrow since it is late now here in Denmark.

More crazy tattoos to come and a finished painting too soon!


christel said...

iiiih det er flot.. glæder mig til min prægtige lady en dag :)

Flora Amalie said...

Hey, jeg troede vi var enige om at du skulle give credit til den person (hvem det så end var) der kom på den geniale bier mädchen idé!!

Og hey, sick tats, bro!

Rebecka said...

Hi! I really want to get a tattoo from you in the future because I think your work is...god damn amazing... I wounder if you have any e-mail that I can contact you on with further idéas and questions that I have, and stuff.. (Iäm not so good at blogs hehe):P
I also wounder if you shall tattoo at Malmö Tattooexpo 16" in october 1-3?
Well, please write back!

///Rebecka, Sweden
Covergirl at Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine nr.100 and I'm also write some articles about studios and convents for the magazine. :)

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Dude-O-Rama….how's it hanging Danish friend? Slow on the photo front lately on my side. I'd better get going cos there are pretty unique shit down here in Southren Thailands Islam belt. Worked 15 hour days for over 2 weeks nonstop (like you I assume…) and have seen some narly bluecollar oil industry stuff. Heaven & Hell my friend.

Stay clean, best to Amalie

Matt the oil rat

Niklas said...

The fox is fucking great!

Paolo said...

I love this blog!
Really fantastic!

Sorry for my not perfect english...i'm italian!!!