Sunday, October 3, 2010


Happy Sunday everyone.
I have been editing pictures for Amalie all weekend. We had a photoshoot with Christel and her sister Jacqueline to show Amalies hats. It was an awesome day and a real educational experience for me. I got to try out different gear and figured out a whole lot about light and composition and stuff like that. So now I finally found the time to edit them. Normally I prefer just taking the picture and make it as good as possible on the camera so I don't need to do any Photoshopping later. I like to take the picture as if it was film. For me that is more photography than if you just snap a picture just to photoshop the shit out of it later. For me that can seem more like photoshop art than photography but in this case I wanted to go crazy and have a old picture kinda look. What I did/am doing is that I have taken a bunch of pictures that I am happy with as they are but then on top of that I edit them to make them look like old Holga-ish pictures with grains and lightleaks and all that shabang. Holga...So hot right now...Holga!
I will post some soon when I am done and Amalie has posted them on her etsy and blog.

I guess I better show a bit of skin to keep you around so here is another lamp...Yes he also loves lamp.

This Music video part of the post is dedicated to my homies in Cancer Bats. A small selection of their videos that I really like. Enjoy.


MinusAll said...

I really NEED to see these guys live! They are on a constant loop on my iPod. Hail Destroyer \m/

Anonymous said...
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