Wednesday, September 29, 2010

London is the reason

This weekend we went to the London convention. Usually we have a great time there. This time...not so much. You see, a few days earlier I was foolish enough to stand outside in the cold and rainy weather painting the frames for the artshow mentioned in the previous post (SOOO stoked to be in that!!)...wearing short sleeves!! Great idea! Awesome! Well thought out plan chap! Well of course I caught a cold which not only gave me the worst plugs in my ears on the flight but also meant that I had to cancel working on the first day, Friday! Sucked BIG TIME! Fortunately that meant that I could walk around and talk to people and buy stuff. All the things that I never have time to do on the conventions. I hadn't booked any one in since I was just gonna do walk-ins from pre-drawn designs so no one had to get canceled. Saturday was better in the way that I actually did one tattoo. Felt better but wasn't in super shape so Amalie made sure that I didn't overworked myself as I usually would. That resulted in a few disappointed people but what can you do when your nose is running? Sunday I upped it and did two tattoos. That's right!!
To all of the people who I have met this weekend: I hope I didn't seem to far away in my head. I tried my best to be present the whole time but it was a bit hard once in a while. So I am sorry if I seamed a

I am not really sure if this booking plan worked as I wanted it to so I don't know if I will do the same thing next year or try something else. I do know that I hate to disappoint people so I might think of something else. Sorry to all who had hoped to get tattooed! Maybe next time.

There wasn't much partying going on. Thursday night I was out and asleep before 10 at night. Never happens!! The rest of the weekend was pretty much, Dinner and off to bed. But it seamed like we weren't the only ones who were lacking energy this weekend so at least we didn't feel too guilty for not being the big party animals.
But it wasn't all bad. Good friends, nice customers and awesome people in general made it worth the trip and we also got a few awesome presents to bring home with us.

Adam Hays Gave me this bad boy!! AMAZING!!!! You rock dude!!

The picture is from his website.

Dan Smith gave us a print of the painting he did for a Sea Shepherd art show which is a good motivator for me to get started on doing one too. I have had planned to do a charity painting for Sea Shepherd for a looooong time now so this might help me to get started. Thanks Dan.

The best part is always to see those people we only see this one time a year. Even though it might only be for a few minutes it still means a lot. So to all our old friends, It was good to see you again, and to all our new friends, it is a pleasure to get to know you. See you all again next year.

So here they are: The 3 tattoos from this years London Convention!

The OHHHH so evil goat from hell! That's right EEEEEVIL!! Notice the upside down cross of BONES and the word WRATH written in dripping blood!! EVIL I TELL YOU...NOT CUTE!

Ok so we are back to the music video part! YAY!!! Right?? Well it's one live, one real video and one song with a fan made video but I wanna share these 3 songs.

These 3 should have been posted a while ago since we listened to that a lot...and I mean A LOT back a few weeks ago...but then again...we still do. So here is 3 of my shop favourites at the moment.


Sascha said... sad that ankie and me couldn´t make it to london!!!!

Sune said...

I'm gonna say "aaaaawww cute goat... of doom"

Anyways, håber du havde en okay tur, tror det er godt nogle gange at måtte gøre noget man ikke kan lide, selvom det er at skuffe folk fordi man er syg.

God bedring.

Erik said...

Man, you put a smile on your face, always being friendly and showed up Allan, it goes to show, you just showed that work is not everything in life and hey, we all are humans. I think you have NOTHING to be ashamed of or excause for your illnes at the convention, you just did more then what many would ask for in a situation like that. And you dished out three top-of-the-line tattoos. (even though I wouldve loved the bulldog myself haha)
Take care and stay safe & healthy!
Erik, Sweden said...

oh hell to the yeah its evil.
Not cute, I didnt sitt that long for cute!
thank you very much.

Stay satanic
/John Aeon Tattoos

Monster Sid said...

that was really cool to see you workin man ;]

Sam said...

hahah Amalie was right, that goat is freakin' adorable! You should do some prints similar because I want that cute little sucker on my wall!

Sorry...i mean he's freakin' EVIL and I want that EVIL little sucker on my wall


Flora Amalie said...

Erik; agreed!

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Uncle, my one and only Danish Lord bro of all times. Would have been cool have been to the LTC this year, sucked that you were sick though. My niece has suddenly grown up (last time I saw her she was an innocent baby girl just learned to sit up right!), and she was there apparently. I will be in Thailand till the end of this year at least, so I will miss our Mr Doughnut sessions even this time, not good! Hope you will have a good time (you always do) in Tokyo and I'll see you when I see you friendo! Best to Amalie !!

Uncle Allan said...

awww....youz guyz!! Thanks a lot everybody! It is much appreciated.