Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi ya'll!
I'm back. Back from London. Back to a more daily routine. Back to this blog.

Before I get into all the things that I have been up to I would like to start with this post. This has been one of the reasons why there has been a lack of posts here on the blog. I have been invited to join a group show in San Francisco called "Scream With Me". It is an honour to be among these people, a lot of whom I really admire. I don't even understand that I was asked to be a part of this but I am stoked about it and I just wish I could be there myself to see the show. If it wasn't for our recent trip to the London convention (see following post) and our upcoming trip to Japan, I would take the trip to SF to be there at the opening. So if you find your self in the area please go check it out and represent me.
I was asked for 3 paintings so I decided to do a series around "scream". "I scream", "You Scream" and "We Scream". A bit cheesy perhaps but I hope people will look more at the paintings than the title. I'm not gonna spoil it for the gallery or the people who wanna go there so here is just a small tease but I can say this much...If you like chicks and corpse paint and bit of erotic then you might like these 3 paintings.

They will be for sale at the gallery so if you wanna own one of my originals framed in a nice matt black frame then here is your chance.

Here is the flyer.

Well, I'm not gonna let you hanging there after a tease so here is a painting I finished a while ago. Just got it framed today and finally got to blog it too. It is already hanging on our Conspiracy walls so come check it out if you are in the hood.

I was gonna continue my music video thing and I will but I think this is fitting for the post. Enjoy and see you soon. More posts are coming in a bit.


Flora Amalie said...

Flotte damer (men det ved de andre selvfølgelig ikke...)
Men flotte!

angela said...

we got your work in today! phewf!!
thank you so so much for being a part of my show, allan. it's going to be such a banger.
you rule!!


kira lolligaggin said...

beautiful paintings! as usual)

kira lolligaggin said...
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