Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"congratulations sir, It's a blog"

A new blog is born...
I have just published my new photoblog Photographic Memories. There will be very little text and more photos and most likely no tattoos...unless a model has some that is.
There is already a few posts lined up to be posted but a little at a time so check back once in a while.
So please go check it out and I hope you will enjoy it.

In other photo related news:

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a cool blog showing our danish bike culture in a stylish fashion (pun intended). I really like the way of shooting people on the street and it inspired me to take some shots in the spirit here of, on my last trips to Japan. They were kind enough to put a bunch of my shots up on the blog. Please go check that out HERE and HERE and let me or them know what you think. There might be a post on the new blog later with more shots from this series.

I gave myself an extra Christmas present this year! A DARKROOM (no Eckel, still not the touchy touchy tecno kind of darkrrom). Soon I will be able to develop and print my own pictures! I CAN'T WAIT!! I pretty much got a great deal on everything I will need to do it so now we just have to build the room. I bought it from a great photographer who is a friend of ours and a friend of Amalie's parents. Mr. Peter Olsen. It felt really good buying it from someone who has been taking so good care of it as he has and who knows what he is doing with the stuff. Thanks Peter for the great deal. Exciting! I will have the best teacher I can imagine, Mr Nikolaj Meding who is a great photographer and Amalie's cousin. The great people at Photografica has also promised me to be as helpful as possible and I have already borrowed a couple of books on the subject from one of the guys. This is going to be AWESOME!!

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Now Go check out all the links!

See you soon!


endijss said...

links checked ;)

btw you know this guy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DljZvX3iCEA&feature=fvwrel ?
haha, have a nice holiday dude.

Fie said...

Like like like til det hele! Glæder mig til at følge med på den nye blog.

PS: Måske et link til mørkekammermanden?

Uncle Allan said...

Selvfølgelig Fie. Posten er blevet opdateret! Det var faktisk meningen fra starten. Men NU er alt på plads. Det var hyggeligt at se jer!