Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the final post from Japan. Final FROM Japan but not about Japan. I have tons of pictures just waiting to be uploaded to my own computer so I can go through them.
We are test packing and will be sending some crap home later today. Tonight will be our goodbye dinner and tomorrow morning we will leave this amazing place to go back what can only seem like a suburb compared to this wonderful city. We will leave this amazing weather, where we have been able to just wear a hoodie and maybe a coat if cold, for snow blizzards and freezing temperatures. Not good. But at least we have some good people and a good shop to come home to. Friends!!
Now we will go have a last breakfast at our Jazz cafe. Gonna miss that too along with all the other things that makes me soooo damn happy here. But we will be back soon.

This is what we are listening to while packing. Still love it!!


Mikael said...

hey allan
tak for din kommentar på cycle chic. din email virkede ikke. kan du ikke email mig på copenhagenize [at]
mht til blogging billeder fra japan.

laurits said...

vi ses hjemme i kulden.
høj femmer.

Janna ^^, said...

Love that song, man!

And your work is amazing!