Saturday, October 1, 2011

London is the reason

Here is the fruits of one of the most stressful weeks ever. As you may know if you read this blog or follow me on Instagram or twitter I had decided to make a special flash set to tattoo from at this years London Tattoo convention. As always this had to be done in the last minute which resulted in a week of no sleep and no time to hang out with my wife or anyone else for that matter. But my plan worked. The deal was that there would be no pre bookings. Who ever came first when I get there or finished a tattoo would get the next one. This part could use a bit of adjustment. It worked perfect for me as I was just tattooing non stop friday and saturday and got a small break sunday when we decided to stop the walking part after the first one as it was kinda big and they closed at 7. I do feel that there were a lot of people who might have felt that they wasted time just hanging out at my booth waiting to get a spot, all for nothing. I do wanna thank you all for the patience and the interest and I hope that you will come back and try again next year. If you were one of those who waited for nothing I would like to hear what we can do better next year. I am gonna do the same thing: make a set of flash to choose from and do the walk-in thing again. I just want to hear if there is anything we can do better so we don't waste peoples time. Write a comment if you have an idea.
A big thank you to you guys who did made it and got tattooed. Thank you for the patience and for sitting in painful positions while getting tattooed for hours!
Thank you to all the people who have shown interest in the flash set and asking for prints. There might be prints of the 2 sheets that I didn't tattoo from including the King Diamond sheet. I am looking into getting those printed but not sure yet so be patient and don't email me about them just yet. It will be up here if I go through with them.

Today is the first day of our whole month of stay-cation. I do plan on working now and then but mostly work on the tons of other things that I have started but never finished. BUT... I have this idea. I wanna do some more of the pieces from the London flash that never got done. I will find a few days in the end of october where it will be possible to get some of the designs done and skipping the loooong waiting list that I have. So if you a interested in getting a piece done from one of these sheets then stay tuned. I will announce the dates in a few days.
But here is what this post is all about...the designs that DID get tattooed at the London Convention 2011. It seams like it is impossible for me to take good pictures at the convention and that actually resulted in one tattoo missing here. Sorry Matt.



Anonymous said...

great tattoos allan. as a matter of face i spend some time with deads brother, who also have his guitar.
love the colour mix, take care

MinusAll said...

Great stuff as always Allan! Enjoy the sun in Denmark. :)