Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I...Want your skull!!

This is a little thing that I did for the magazine I Want Your Skull. The subject was obviously skulls but it also had to be done in only black and gray...tuff when you are used to use a lot of colors all the time!! The urges to throw in some red in those roses was hard to fight but I did it!!!

There is a bunch of cool different types of artist in the magazine sharing their skulls so check it out. You can find it and by it HERE. ...Yes, "here" is the link!

Soon to come...

Pictures from the London Convention and the guest spot in Brighton.
Also more about the Hunter Spanks/Uncle Allan split flash set.
Lomo pictures
and more tattoo updates!

1 comment:

GospelAngel said...

Wauw! Nice job, Son No.1 !! ... It actually looks really great just in black and white!
Hugs from your crazy Mum