Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year...again!

To round this little Blog-A-Thon of the 5 (actually 6) test film from my LC-A+ up I'm gonna end with a few pictures from New years eve. We were Flora, Martin (aka Pato aka Marvin) and our friend Wookie dropped by later. After midnight and all the usual jumping from furnitures and singing and drinking champagne we went to a private party where we danced and laaaughed and drank some more. Well check the evidence on Floras post from New years eve.

Flora in her beautiful new years dress and one of her hats that she makes herself.

To Mattias and other Lomo-phobes I promise to use my Digital Canon again soon and bring some sharp, bright coloured pictures soon!!! Promise!!!

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Anonymous said...

These are looking really good. I even like the shadow from the flash.