Sunday, June 28, 2009

City of Angels

We took all our Japanese friends shopping the last day they were in the states. Crazy day. 3 cars, 8 Japanese peeps and 2 Danes and way to many things to by and places they wanted to go...and too few hours in a day to get it all done. We had to plan everything so that they would get to go all the places that they wanted.

First stop, Bike shop for Hata. He is into these fixed gears bikes so he had this special shop he wanted to check out.

After that we went to Melrose where we started with some coffee. Amalie and me quickly realized that the Japanese guys were getting a bit to comfortable if they wanted to get everything so we decided to split up and meet back at the café a bit later. It kinda worked.

Wacko is this awesome bookstore/toystore/art gallery thing and this was on everybody's list so that was cool.

On the way to Swingers Rei remembered that he needed to go to a home depot to get some screws and bolts for making tattoo machines. To our luck I spotted one in the middle of a mini mall so one more thing on the list checked off.
We kinda need to go to Swingers when we are in LA. We really like the place and the food is good to so that was a must.

We ended the shopping spree at Amoebe where a bunch of music was bought and where I could have spend plenty of more hours but it was getting late and we had a long drive back to Santa Ana.

A fun but stressfull day.

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