Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few pictures to keep you guys happy

I have absolutely no computer time so here is a short post with pictures. I havn't even had time to look closer at the pictures taken so far but it looks like there will be some good photo posts coming up...but maybe not until I am back in Denmark where I have a bit time to look at them and upload them here. Until then, here is some of the tattoos done so far.

First was my good friend of pure METAL, Will. He came to hang out in short shorts and awesomeness and also to get some more awesome tattoos.
This time we added this magic wizzard and the lamb of doooom.
More about him later.

Next we have what I did on this years Ink N Iron in Long Beach. More about that as well later.

Now shopping. If you can't wait to hear about all the awesome stuff going on here then go check out my wifes blog.


Hella J said...

Verdens hyggeligste lille ├Žsel med sin hane ven!

Pyrrhus Darwin Castello said...


eroc said...

the burro rocks!!

Wolf189 Photography said...

Those are funny!!

chris, pa,usa said...

love that goat satanic piece i want something cool like that