Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love Love

Last Thursday Amalie and I could celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary. We had the best day at home just hanging out and doing stuff...tried to keep the work stuff to a minimum. Later Amalie had prepared a surprise entertainment of the evening. We are both a bid whale crazy these days so when it turned out that we were gonna see a movie about whales and 3d then that was just perfect for a geek couple like us. After the movie we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant where there is only one menu a day. A whole bunch of starters of all sorts, original Italian tomato soup, pasta, main dish and desert... delish. After all that food we ended up on the couch for some more hanging out...Perfect day!

Jeg elsker dig baby!


Flora Amalie said...

Jeg elsker dig!!!!!

Bedste. Mand. Ever.

Hella J said...

Hurra for folk in love!