Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Due to more busy days without any time to blog, here is a sum up of the last couple of days tattoos.

We went to work on Sunday since our good friend Kapten Hanna was in town. She were kind enough to make the most majestic Swedish unicorn on Amalie. Go check that awesome thing out here.
After she was done tattooing Amalie it was my turn to return the favour and I do so by putting her two dogs Bela and Wednesday on her arm...I know it is really crazy how much it looks like photographs but I promise you that it is tattoos. I get confused myself by how realistic they look!!



Monday was also super realistis animal day. Just look at them!! It is like she has real birds on her thigh!! Crazy.

Today I got to finish this little Dali inspired piece. Well I know there isn't that much Dali left but that was the main idea to begin with.

Tomorrow I might be able to post some more news about merch and stuff!! Interesting news!!!


Flora Amalie said...

Elsker dem allesammen herre meget!

CassadySwe said...

Those tattoos really makes my idea of Uncle Allan Tattoos. Looking great in every aspect!

That unicorn is really awesome aswell, at the moment, I am in the part of sweden that has the Dalahäst as its origin.

LZA said...

love the dogs, its so realistic, fine and dandy.. anyway, good work!

Delicious Satisfaction said...

Wow - your work is amazing!!!