Monday, September 7, 2009


Friday and Monday both were skate tattoos. Turns out the guys were friends too.

The light turquoise got a little dirty looking in the end. Hope I will get a better picture later.

In other news:

For those of you who will be attending this years London Tattoo Convention there will be good reason to save up those hard earned money because there will be plenty of new merch delights from myself and my convention partner Chriss Dettmer. We have made a split banner (two banners where we have made half of a design each) that we will have as a limited edition print of 50 sets, hand numbered and signed. You will have to by the set so you get the whole deal as it is supposed to be seen but it will be worth it. These gems will be printed on nice heavy watercolour-like paper to make it all fancy and delish.
We will also have these designs as tshirts. This too will be sold in sets so you and your friend can stand together and make the design come together as it was supposed to be seen...and it will bring you and your buddy closer together!!
As if that wasn't enough then we have gotten a skate board company, Substance Abuse, to print them as skate boards! They look freaking raaad!!!
As mentioned before then I will have the first antler lady print ready for London as well. The little Satanic antler lady and her lamb will be printed on nice thick heavy paper as well and there will only be printed 60 of her. All hand signed and numbered. My plan so far is to bring 20 to London and the last 40 will be sold from the following week at the shop and through this blog. So fear not bloggers from around the globe, you will get your chance too. More Info about how it will go down later.

I will post pictures and prices later when I know more so no reason to write about it yet.

Also... I am working on some more new paintings. I have a bunch lined out but am still trying to figure out how dirty to go on these antler ladies. Let's just say that they don't have that much clothes on and they like to explore their bodies...hmmrr hmrrr... I might post a few sketches tomorrow since it is my drawing day off. Anyway...if everything goes well they might get in the mix of prints as well while I am at it.

Well later then!!


samboy said...

keep me an antler lady! im in london on the sunday!

theres cake in it for you and the wife :) xxx

endijss said...

very very nice lines man and just as everything else. ;)