Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Body's A Zombie For You

Joe was one of the unfortunate one that I had to cancel on last years London Convention due to lack of time. Well, I promised him that if he came to Copenhagen to get it done I would make it up to him. I hope I did. Thanks Joe for coming over.

A lot to say and no energy to say it...
Just to change it up a bit here is something else instead.

Here is some of the stuff that has been on my playlist/genius for a while now.

Dead Man's Bones
Grizzly Bear
Sufjan Stevens
Murder By Death
Old Crow Medicine Show
Bon Iver
M Ward
Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst And the Mystic Valley Band
The Dodos

We did have a few Metal-genius playlists today but this is some of what have been playing a lot for the last week.
Maybe more playlist action some other time.


Len Hernandez said...

freakin amazing man! truly an inspiration.

Matthew said...

Murder by death is simply an amazing band! Caught them in Anaheim a few months back and it was breathtaking


Can we have some Beastie Boys today ?? That would be breathtaking !! Just a song or two !! Yeah ! Intergalactic !! Right on broseph !!! Miss you guys terribly lots and lots !! Hope all is awesome back in Copenhagentown !!!!

young said...

Yeeeaaaaahhhh big up!

tattoo mpatshi said...

I love woven hand, I love Bon Iver ,I don't know the rest...yet.
I just listened to dead man's bones, and I think it's awsome!
Thanks for the knowledge :)

Very nice tattoo, but I don't expect anything else from you.
Keep it up!

untill we meet

Flora Amalie said...

Nick, we listened to Beastie Boys just the other day.
Yeah, this DJ came by the shop and was mixing Beastie Boys, Feist and Arcade Fire all day long.
There were some epic mashups i tell you, we just sat there and enjoyed the tunes while eating gummie bears by the kilo.
Yup, true story that one!

Raphael said...

What a great post!
It's not the kind of music that i usualy listen to, so i discovered a lot and loved everything..
You made my painting day!

Peter Redford said...

if you are into bon iver, grizzly bear, and sufjan you should check out timber timbre

Styrman said...

Check out 'The Tallest man on Earth', dude :)

Kirk Edward Nilsen II: Tattoos and Flash Art said...

your tattoos are just amazing. and murder by death is great. my friend sam used to listen to them; alsways had some shirt with bloody chainsaws so i thought they were a hardcore/metal band and never checked them out cause his particular taste in metal is bad. haha

jasonxyouth said...

which sufjan?!?!
they are all so good.. ive really been heavily putting "greetings from michigan..." on a lot.