Sunday, January 24, 2010


After that rant and liftet finger on the internet I feel that I better post something nice. After days of no posts and then all you get is a rant...that's not fair and specially not for those of you who isn't even customers or anything.
So here is some pictures from the last trip to Japan. I already posted pictures from this day. The day at the park with Shige and his family. So this is the 2nd out of 3 planed posts. It is just random shots taken in the park.

The new shop is still a work in progress and we are still waiting for a go to get in there and do stuff. I will drop by there on tuesday and hopefully there will be more news then.

I am trying to do some drawings for a possible sketchbook but my thoughts and concentration seems to be everywhere else than on the paper in front of me. I have even gathered a big pile of inspiration/ideas/reference but it doesn't work as I want it to and everytime I think I got it, it disappears as soon as the pencil hits the paper. I have maneged to doodle a bit and it feels like a good exercise for drawing but not the kind of results I am hoping for. I hope it will get better soon.

Now a bit more drawing and then I think the rest of the sunday will be spend with a good movie.


JLYoungsma said...

These are great shots! Can I be nosey and ask what camera are you using?

Uncle Allan said...

Thank you. Sure thing...I ususally write it in the tags, I just forgot.

This is my Canon 5D mark II with my 50 mm and 24-105 mm lens.

young said...

Smukke billeder, mand!
Ville oenske jeg havde tid til at bage lidt guf til jer, men det er desvaerre virkelig stramt for tiden... Haaber alt loeser sig og folk tager sig lidt sammen!
Krammer til jer begge

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.........nice stuff once again my Dannnnish friend and brother in arms. 50mm? Niiiice. I have been "off mode" with my babies for quite some time now due to geting grenched in crude oil daily and sleeping/eating rythms in a strady phase. This is a nice thing to see, makes me wanna grab my gear and get out there again...I"ll be back...never give up...the hard way i.e my way!

M the SweJap