Thursday, April 22, 2010

Foxy Lady (someone had to say it)

Yesterday we went to Yokohama and Shige again but this time I was off the hook! This time it wasn't me who had to be nervous about getting tattooed. Yesterday was the day that my brave wife got her thigh (and then some) tattooed by Shige. You should go see her new fox and some more of my pictures on her blog.

While she was getting tattooed I got a chance to sneak out for a moment and enjoy the weather for a bit. I wanted to take some more pictures for my (in progress) series of Japanese people but old people in Ichikawacho is angry looking. Every time I as much as thought in my head that I would sneak a picture I looked at them and they would look angry back at me. So not a lot of picture here. I did take a few on the street anyway.
Soon after I went back to make sure that the wife was alive and well and that was the end of the nice weather.
Today it is raining like hell!! Tomorrow will be the same! Good thing is that I have finished a bunch of drawings for my upcoming project. More about that later.

Not exactly a political correct sign. On a bar called Party Animals.


Hella J said...

Indeed en foxy lady du har dig!

Flora Amalie said...

Ha, i kan sgu selv være foxy!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Good stuff. Angles and views from different unused heights are the key words. You are shooting more and more with an open lens (small f stop numbers). Have you thought of the 15 mm full frame? Good stuff good stuff indeed.


Uncle Allan said...

Thanks M. 15mm??? Hmmm....I don't know. I do already have a super wide angle lens. I don't know. I have been shooting more all around with the 50mm this time. Normally I have been using it for more close ups. To much to show right now. Gotta categorize a bit before posting.
But the more I can stay at f1.6 the better for me!! I do like my blur