Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sailor J Kitty

Today we went to Shinjuku to hang out and relax. our first plan was to go to a temple but since it was sunday and the weather was sooooo nice we figured that it would be too crowded. So we went to another crowded place instead.
I did get to take a bunch of pictures for the "Japanese People" thing I got going. I havn't even wanted to put the pictures from the last many trips on the computer yet because I kinda wanna wait till I am all done. Still more days to take pictures of random Japanese folks.

Here is a few more tattoos done on this trip. I actually did them like a week ago or something but just havn't gotten around to post them.

I actually started this first one last spring when we were here. Due to money and Navy duty we didn't get to finish it then as planed. But now it is done and done!

We have been doing soooo many things and there is sooooo much to tell and even more to show but other thing needs to be done. I promise there will be posts about it all sooner or later. Tomorrow is my last day off before two days of work and then my last session on this trip with Shige. Ugh!!!

OK Mata Neeeee

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