Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Antlers are In this season!

I know I have posted her before but never with a good picture of her so here she is! And on that note I bid you good night!


Flora Amalie said...

Antler lady... so hot right now.. antler lady.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan! Longtime lurker, first time commenter. (Princess Inferno told us to comment, so we must obey.)

Love this piece. Is there a story behind the ladies with antlers, or are they just awesome and weird for awesomeness and weirdness' sake?

Uncle Allan said...

Well thank you Josh! Yes the Princess must be obeyed!
The antler ladies are just majestic awesome creatures that I thought would be cool! I just really like antlers and I thougt it would make a great mix with the pretty gals...or maybe it all started hundred years ago in the mountains, in a dark, dark land, far, far away...

CoreyGirl said...

she looks good.

i mean really good.


R. said...

Hello! Your'e blog rocks! I really like your'e work its quote " Legendary and awsome!" :D I hope to come down to Denmark one day from Finland to get a peice of the action!

- Robin