Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God save the Queen?

Started this anti-royalist sleeve yesterday! 5 and a half hours of mostly lines thanks to all the finelined feathers I had decided to throw in (specially nicely placed around the elbow...what is wrong with me?). It will be great though! Can't wait to add stuff and get color in this nice little dead peacock.


Betty said...

Looks amazing. Love the feathers.

Anonymous said...

oh i really LOVE it, good work Allan!

CoreyGirl said...

looks awesome!!

boooo to elbow work!

Anonymous said...

Hello captain!
you are fucking damn good on tattooing, realy love your work!
Love your hot wife, my next boyfriend on the picture and so on.
Im from Sweden and would realy like to visit you in your studio!
Lots of love!