Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Days at the beach!

...well not completly untrue! Well first things first! We had 2 weeks of from the shop that we had planed almost a year ago. We decided to just stay home in Denmark on this little vacation. The first days we spended fixing up our appartment and stuff but the last week or so we went to the country side where Amalie's parents has a big summer house. The weather was not as we had hoped for so we stayed most of the time in our room, me painting and Amalie making hats (go check it out on her profile). I had to make a painting for the cover of Tattoo Artist Magazine that I was kinda late for and on top of that I had another deadline for a book projekt called Give Me Your Skull. Well, I don't want to spoil the surprise by post it here before they get poplished so you will have to wait for is some pictures of where we spend our nice relaxed vacation...and it is near the beach by the way!!

...More photos from Bisserup, that's the name of the town, later. I had Holga and the cat with me...stay tuned


Flora Amalie said...

Haha, tak for det første billede, jeg ligner en idiot!
Og på det sidste fjerner jeg superlim fra mine fingre, og beviser dermed at jeg faktisk ER en idiot!

CoreyGirl said...

always beautiful photographs!

Peter/Camilla said...

HA HA! Det ser super hyggeligt ud, håber i nød ferien.