Tuesday, October 27, 2009


NEWS from the Conspiracy Inc. world. We will be moving to a bigger better place. Go see the teaser here.

I have been working on taking pictures of the dirty antler girls all day so it looks like they will be ready for your xmas shopping. Who doesn't want to open a sexy present on xmas? Sexy you ask? Well too sexy for some apparently. Last night I censored all the dirty stuff with pixels and put them on my myspace. I went for a walk with Lucifer and when I came back all the paintings were deleted and I had gotten a mail from Myspace telling me that they had deleted some picture that were to dirty for myspace. I am guessing that some one saw them and snitched on me since it went so fast. How else would they know 5 min after I uploaded them? Well now they are back up on my profile with Mysoace Toms big head on top of all the dirtyness. You can still enjoy them here but even more if you buy the prints when they get here. More about that as soon as I figure everything out.

Later Bloggers!!


Hella J said...

Hihi, sexetheden må være nærmest pist væk, med Tom med i billedet!

Og YAY YAY YAY for ny shop!!! Weeee!!!

FrEaK said...

Will these prints be available to purchase for oversea's customers??

Uncle Allan said...

Yes they will be for sale for oversea's customers. Keep an eye on this here blog for updates!

Helle... Different strokes for different folks!

Jon said...

Yo big A.. hvis I har brug for en hånd med div. er jeg frisk på at hjælpe til :-)


aixxx said...

Funny story. Well I guess it's not funny, really, but I find it funny that some people actually take their damn time to report to "the authority" like that. I'm glad your page didn't get deleted without warning, though, because I know someone who got that sort of treatment for no reason. He wasn't posting anything node-y, either.

Hella J said...

Det er også rigtigt. Men jeg er stadig sikker på, at de er waaaay mere frække uden Tom!