Friday, October 23, 2009

Hazardous mutation

Marcus got his sleeve of Radioactive madness finished the other day. We had some background left and some colours in the fishes but that was it... one sleeve done!
I got to warn you all that this tattoo is based on real events.

This tells the story about what can happen if you dump nuclear waste in a pond. This poor fisher man got in serious trouble one fine Sunday morning when he went fishing for the European perch. Little did he know that some big dirty industrial baddy corporation had been dumping their radioactive waste in the little pond and that this had resolved in the mutation of all living in the nice little pond. The flowers had grown huge, the perches were the size of a small whale and there were now a giant monster of an octopus ruling the waters.

Here in this tattoo we see the struggle between the helpless fisherman and the giant pond monster. Will he make it out alive? We don't know but we do know that if he does survive, no one will ever believe him. He simply drinks to much. You can tell by the red wine nose and the red cheeks. I guess there is two morals of this story. Don't throw nuclear waste in your pond...who knows what will come out of that radioactive green water. And don't drink too much...people won't believe you if you see a big bad monster in the pond.

A little something to think about!!


Martin P said...

Sindsygt fed! Er helt tosset med fisken! (Og tillykke med cyklen! Den er også ret fed :)

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endijss said...

rigtig fint arbejde og jeg elsker dine linier.