Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swedish ladies

These two tattoos now belongs to some great Swedish gals. Linda who already have gotten a nice little horse done by me got this peacock on the other arm to go with it. Damn all those feathers... well the picture isn't that clear and a lot of the ink got stuck on top of all the nice small lighter lines I did in the tail feathers so I hope I can bring a better picture later when it is nice and healed.

Felicia came back (and brought some awesome stuffed birds and antlers...thaaaaaank you guys!!!) to finish her snooty opera watching older lady. Also know as Lady Von Schnutenberg among Opera lovers around the world. She is known for her harsh critical comments on worldly matters, opera and ballet. Not to mess with.

The satanic Antler lady with the sacrificial lamb print is now for sale at conspiracy Inc. and is limited to 60 copies (hand signed and numbered). The satanic Dettmer/Unlce A print is also for sale. Prints is limited to 60 sets (hand signed and numbered). The split tshirt set is also for sale. Limited to 50 sets and only Medium left. Take your friend by the hand and drop by and buy a set...or two so you can take turn to be Dettmer or me. Awesome!!

Sneak peak of the shirts and prints here.

The dirty antler girls is coming along fine so hopefully it won't be too long before you dirty people can get your hands on these naughty prints. Update later.

See you soon!


eroc said...

antler lady needs to make it to the states....
any plans to come to the east coast?
i see you know hunter, baltimore and dc have some good shops...

samboy said...


The peacock is beyong amazing! It pisses all over my peacock! :(

I may die if I dont somehow find the money to get to copenhagen for tattoos soon! (not exaggerating, its the truth!!!) xxx

ErikSweCassady said...

Both those were awesome ! I really like you brought that peacock in that size. I thought you need a leg for a tattoo like that.

Felicia said...

"What type of crappy Opera is this? I want my money back!"

Thank you so much for my wonderful new tattoo Allan! And for calling that cab. :) Hope to see you guys again soon - and hopefully the dead birds won't give you any trouble. Take care ///

Anonymous said...

Can the satanic antler lady print only be purchased at the Conspiracy Inc. shop? Or is it available anywhere to order online???