Monday, April 26, 2010

Kaffe, Coffee, Mocca, Java, kohi

Back home in Copenhagen we either make our own great coffee at the shop where we got the coffee monster that Wookie has been kind enough to let us have or if we are home we go to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl ...mmmm best!! So this post is dedicated to our lifesavers at SK&V... This is the coffee we drink here in Japan. or cold from vendingmachine!
This is our favorite one out of many kinds!

Hourly fix from Seveneleven.

Following is the instruction on how to make drip coffee in the comfort of your own home.

More coffee later.


chibi said...

hi :) had to leave a comment as a coffee-lover (tho i tend to go for cheap instant stuff ... its hard being a college student!)
i don't really drink BOSS but i remember one of my foreign friends fussing about the concept of canning coffee ... i've grown up with the "canned coffee" culture so i was surprised lol
btw i love your small kettle!

MinusAll said...

Is Tommy Lee Jones still the 'face of Boss' coffee? I remember seeing some rather bad adverts on TV last time I was in Japan.

Uncle Allan said...

Chibi, I gotta say that we looooove the Boss coffee and have loved it from the first time we tried them back in 2004. We have tried many different kinds but my favorite one is the Café au lait. But yes as a foreigner we are amazed by the hot and cold vending machines. Love it!!!

MinusAll, We don't think they still use him like in new adds but he still hangs on the machines here and there. But he will forever be our real Boss person!!

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Coffee. Thailand has some of the best and juiciest coffee beans I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. But that is if you head up north to where these bean are cultivated and the water is clean. If you live in the shithole I do you have to consider yourself lucky if you get some less toxic moisture mixed with nescafe powder stuff. I drink it often never the less cos it gets my bowel in motion in the early morning hours. Gotta discharge that load before a full work day, right!

Hej da


Joseph said...

Dude, that integral coffre-dose-filter-DIY cup looks like chicken soup 0_o

Joseph said...

Dude, that DIY-integral-dose-filter looks like mole soup 0_o


French coffee expert !! said...

Zere iz nossing but espresso coffee ! Dat iz ze only coffee zere can be ! Anyssing else iz for ze peasants and ze poor peoplez ! A troo coffee loveur can on-ly love le espresso ! My point iz made , yes -no !

Yes !