Friday, March 20, 2009

See ya later skater

Dear blog readers.

I am sorry that I haven't been here keeping you updated on all my doings lately. After a 11 days workweek with days as long as 16 hours there has been little time or energy to blog...and now we are going to Japan!!!! There has been a bunch of new pieces and I finished a few as well but not a lot of pictures good enough to show so you will have to wait for some healed picture to come.
I also got a few rolls of film back but I haven't even had time to check it out yet. I might bring them to Japan and post some from there.

Before I go pack my suitcase I will leave you with this AWESOME GOAT FROM HELL!!!
My good friend Jacob came by and hung out for a couple of days. Since I work all the time I never have time to hang out with friends so this was really cool. Hanging WHILE working...great concept!

I gotta run...see you time from Japan...mmmmmm....Japan!


Lisa Arfwidson said...


Jesse Smith said...

That piece is going to be awesome!!

Pyrrhus Darwin Castello said...

Hail Lucifer! RIIIIAAUuuauuAaaaaUUUU!

J said...

Det er så fee du gamle
Hygge i Japanland
Mys til jer begge