Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Koenji desu

Still enjoying the good life here in Tokyo. I have only done 2 tattoos so far and even though it was both on necks it has been a nice change from the hectic Denmark workdays that sometimes last from 9 in the morning till 10-11 in the evening. This will soon enough end. It looks like I will have a busy weekend coming up.

The other day I got my first out of three sessions on this trip with Shige. This time he "only" did 5 hours so it was a good change from the last two 8 hours sessions last time. There he is...the only man who will ever get to shave my but. This time he colored in the little statue on my leg, shaded some of the tails and started doing some color in the cherry blossoms on my leg...and but. Yes I have cherry blossoms on my butt. Maybe I will give you guys some juicy nude photos later when I have got some more done. MAYBE.

Today is a day off and the plan is to chill a bit here in Koenji and then meet up with our friend Mattias and go to an art show opening at this place called The Ghetto. It is a show that our friend Crystal puts up. More about that later.
Now picture time. This is still from my new beloved Lomo Lc-a+.


The street.

The view to the left

The view to the right

The walkpath





princessinferno said...

Mmm, elsker dine lomo billeder!

Corey said...

i want to see your tattoo!
not your butt...
maybe a little of your butt.. mostly tattoo though!!!

werndog said...

Representing the blackclaw , killer!! Allan See you at conspiracy Inc. in May dude.

p.s I will bring you cake if you get me in with Shige,haha..

New Zealand.