Sunday, March 22, 2009

"you make me childish like a kitten in creamy rainbow"

We are back home in Tokyo, Japan (not to be mistaken by the Tokyo in Denver). The flight was good and it was awesome to fly directly from Copenhagen to Tokyo. That made the trip about 4 hours shorter...niiiice!
When we got here the weather was really nice and spring like. After my 11 day in a row tattooing madness it was nice to get a mood boost like this. Denmark and Danish people can drive me nuts to the point where a short bike ride to the shop can make me angry but sitting in the Narita express looking out the window being surrounded by Japan made it all go away. Even the weather yesterday where it was grey and windy with a bit of rain could bring me down...nooo problem. It is good to be back...

Back to the story...

We got to Inkrat where Hata was too busy to take us to the appartment rental office so we had to hang out at the shop all day while the jetlag (jetrag in native tounge) was catching up on us. Later our friend Izumi joined us for dinner at (for us) a new resturant that makes Osaka Pizza (a Rei given name). The place was awesome, build like old school Osaka (apperently) like a small ally with drainpipes and metal plates on the walls. There were all sort of cool posters and toys everywhere and the food was deliiiish. It will not be our last visit here.
Yesterday was spend hanging out at Inkrat and talking to a few customers about designs and stuff. We also got our tickets to see BAD RELIGION and Nofx....CAN'T WAIT!!!! And also finally we got our tickets to the Ghibli museum. We have been meaning to go there everytime we are here but it can be kinda hard to get tickets! But now we are in!! Catbus here we come.

Today I will do my first tattoo favorite kind...a throat...but it is all good...I am in Japan.
Hopefully our Swedish friend Mattias will drop by. I can't wait to hang out and be a camera nerd with him. He is an awesome photographer and has already tought me a lot so I bet he will teach me a trick or two this time as well.
Now no more is some shots from my first roll of film taken on the first day of our trip.

We went by our acade to what was new and what was in the ufocatchers this time.
Our good friend Rilakuma

It didn't take Rei many 5 minuttes before he took one of my machines to finetune the setting..."now maybe number one setting"

The Osaka Pizza place. This is inside a building.

Izu and Ame.

Today the sun is back....mmmm....See you soon.


Flora Amalie said...

Yay for fine billeder fremkaldt på ingen tid, til ingen penge!
Suck it, Danmark!

Anonymous said...

Seje billeder, mand!

Hella J said...

Det lyder dejligt! Og Yay for koncert! Det gad jeg godt!

CoreyGirl said...

that place look so cool!!