Monday, March 9, 2009

Granddad the sailor man

These two brothers wanted to get a tribute tattoo for their granddad. Their plan was to get the same tattoo as he had...well kinda...newer version. They brought in a picture of the tattoo but since it was THAT old and the picture of it was just a normal picture blow up in size it was kinda hard to see what it really looked like. We came to the conclusion that it was a dagger going through the skin with a snake around it! Sweet!

What I did was that I traced the basic shape and just redrew the tattoo as I saw it. It turned out pretty cool if you ask me and I thought it was a fun idea.
I hope your granddad would have appreciated it...and that your grandma won't kill you guys for this.


Corey said...

thats really awesome!
i love it!!

igl said...

well done, very nice !!!
the comando

Anonymous said...

What kind of fools, would do a thing like that.
What if grand-dad have thougth of a grill spear with food on to go on a barbeque, and the old picture seems to be looking like a snake now a days.
I hope Berit doesn't see this...

chris said...

weird that theyd get the exact same colors and all but i guess its cool considering who its for