Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soooooomewhere ooooover the rainbow...

These two tattoos is kinda not really a style that you see me do that often and maybe that is why it was so fun to do.

First this little Mr Luck. It's a tease...go see the rest on the Conspiracy Inc. Blog. It has a rainbow and everything!!
Her original idea was to get a rabbits foot for luck but you can't just get thaaat! You need something else...right? So we did the whole rabbit and as a last minutes change we added the actual rabbits foot. Weeee 2 in 1!!!

Next is Sandra who wanted a couple of Blåmejser...that's the name of the bird. As the design progressed I decided to add more and more details and that kept happening while tattooing. It was just supposed to be a nice simple traditional kinda piece but when you are having fun why stop, right? We almost didn't make it but after a few tricks we had done too much to stop so she did it anyway! Hurraaaaa!!! After that I did a few hours of lines on Marcus sleeve with crazy nuclear waste mutated octopus and bass. Pictures after next session where we will start some color!

That's it for tonight! Now relaxing time!! I need it! Yesterday was work non-stop in one way or the other from I woke up at 9 till 3:30 at night!! Tooo much!


Hella J said...

Er det den frække kanin fra Alice i Eventyrland? Anywho, de er begge awesome!
Giv Malle en stor krammer fra mig!

samboy said...

wow! even from those little pictures you can see how amazing they are!

i love them! xxx

mikael mirdad said...


Hey Allan. My Name is Mikael. I come from Indonesia. I bet you've never known that you have a fan from Indonesia right? lol

Anyways, i noticed that you are going to Japan in a few days. Well, im going to Japan as well from March 17th until April 2nd. I would love to meet you if you dont mind. At Inkrat perhaps. I would love to see you working and spread the words in Indonesia. Please let me know.

Looking forward to hear from you