Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All dressed in white

As mentioned in the post before this one we went to Hamburg because Sascha and Anki were getting married and I got to be the best man.

To begin with I would like to say that I was the worst best man even. I was working to much to find the time to write a little thing about Sascha for a wedding booklet that Ankis parents was making with small stories from family and friends. I didn't make a speech for same reasons but also because I really really hate speeches both giving them and receiving them so I was happy when Sascha told me that I didn't have to make one anyway.

They got married in a big museum inside an original samoan house, with a local government official to perform the ceremony. I had to pretend to understand everything she said but that went well. I just smiled and nodded once in a while.
After all the official stuff it was just nice relaxing time at Ankis parents house where there was delicious food and drinks and nice people! Such a good day and it was so good to see the happy couple get each other.

Sascha's dad

John, The homie/bandmember

Chrissss D.

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