Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a loooong road

Today I did my flash sheet for Tattoo Artist Magazine.
I had decided to do a Rambo flash sheet...don't ask why because I don't know how that happened! Well here it is..well the shitty scanned version of it that is. BUT This is not for grabs anyway! If you wanna use this then please buy the flash through the magazine.

Warning! Rant ahead:

This was brought to my attention the other day:

Apparently sleazy rock party promoters are the only ones doing anything for the Danish tattoo scene!
Before i was informed of this, i had no idea that making parties at nightclubs, with strippers, a way too young audience, loads of drunk people, tattooing in a backroom of the club, offering the logo of the event tattooed for free, was considered doing something for the "scene"!
No idea... I would not have guessed it!
Silly me, here I was, thinking that the people making a difference for the Danish tattoo scene were the tattooers, who tried to show people what is going on it the wide world of tattooing, travelling and educating themselves, and raising the standard of tattooing.
The ones who are trying to educate customers about what to look for when getting a tattoo.
The people who are promoting great tattooers by showing their work and telling the people what is actually possible these days.
But I was wrong. I was thinking about sooo many different people but no... Party promoters!! That's who!!
Now that i think about it, I bet that's how it is all over the world.
And come to think of it... how about the people who create clothing lines with tattoo designs on them? They got it right too I guess!! Awesome people!!
Good job assholes!! Don't expect a thank you basket from me any time soon!!


swallows&daggers said...

Rambo flash is fully backed.

princessinferno said...

Det er din rant også, hvad det så end skal betyde!
Du er awesome, hvis vi ikke allerede var gift, ville jeg mega gerne giftes med dig.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Way to go Allan! Just give them what they deserves!

igl said...

yeah, john rambo, ... kills everyone ! no, great sheet, i want a copy please !!! :-9

FrEaK said...

I agree Allan!! Im a collector of tattoo's from all over the world seeking out the best and I recently found out that serveral new tattoo parlours in my local city Glasgow, Scotland are preying on drunk people to apply their awful inking skills...This is one, of many, bad things to come from reality tattoo shows!!

Lets take tattooing back from the mainstream!!!

FrEaK xx


You was wrong dude ... Sooo sooo Wrong !! Biker tramp mud wrestling drunk rock parties are the way forward for tattooing , haven't you heard !?? Dude , let's make our own convention directly at the strip joint next year ... You know ... For the scene !!!

Arrived in almost one piece ! Take care out there and have a super Summer !! See ya in a flash (one of those 2 month long flashes) ! Miss ya !